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POWERMAQ USA technicians
can mobilize within 24 hours to adeptly
handle emergency repairs, and also are
an excellent supplement to a company’s
existing workforce during a planned
shutdown or outage.
technicians have extensive experience
making repairs in nuclear plants, in fact,
it is one of their special areas of expertise.
Contact: Philip Bauder, telephone:
Outage & Maintenance
PSEG Nuclear has extended through
2022, the contract signed with
for outage and maintenance activities at
the Salem units 1 and 2, and Hope Creek
nuclear generating stations in New Jersey.
Following the first contract signed
in July 2013, AREVA will continue to
provide its technical support to PSEG’s
pressurized and boiling water reactors
through refueling, inspections and
steam generator services. This contract
reinforces AREVA’s position as a service
supplier in the boiling water reactor
Contact: Julien Duperray, telephone:
Stators Replacement
AREVA has been awarded a contract
by Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power
(KHNP), subsidiary of the Korea Electric
Power Corporation (KEPCO) for the
supply and the replacement of six stators
for the Kori Nuclear Power Plant Units
3 and 4.
These components insure the
reliability of the reactor coolant pump
which is a fundamental element for
the safe and efficient operation of the
reactor’s primary circuit.
AREVA will design and manufacture
the six stators in the facility located
at Jeumont, in Northern France. The
delivery and replacement operations are
expected to begin in June 2015 and finish
in 2018.
This contract is part of the “Forward
Alliance” program, which offers products
and solutions developed by AREVA to
support utilities in the optimization of the
long term safety of their plants.
Contact: Julien Duperray, telephone:
Fuel Pool Monitoring
MOHR Test and Measurement
(MOHR) is supplying its EFP-
IL SFPI system for remote monitoring
of spent fuel pool water level to at
least 20 U.S. nuclear plants including
Utilities Service Alliance member
stations; Columbia, Cook, Cooper,
Fermi 2, Fort Calhoun, Hope Creek,
Monticello, Prairie Island, Salem, and
Susquehanna. The EFP-IL uses ultra-
wideband guided radar technology that
lets the system accurately measure liquid
level through more than 1000 ft. (305 m)
of coaxial cable, characterize frothing/
boiling environments, and perform
real-time in-situ automatic calibration.
The system includes integrated 7 day
battery backup and meets all NRC Order
EA-12-051 (To Modify Licenses with
Regard to Reliable Spent Fuel Pool
Instrumentation) requirements including
seismic qualification to IEEE 344.
Contact: Brandt Mohr, telephone:
Fuel Deliveries
Westinghouse Electric Company
and the National Nuclear Energy
Generating Company of Ukraine
(NNEGC Energoatom) agreed to a
contract extension for fuel deliveries
to Ukrainian nuclear power plants
through 2020. The contract provides for
the continuation of the long-standing
partnership between the two companies in
providing competitive and secure nuclear
fuel supplies for Ukraine’s reactor fleet.
Westinghouse originally signed
a contract for nuclear fuel in 2008.
The contract amendment will extend
Westinghouse deliveries through 2020.
Under terms of the contract executed
with Westinghouse Electric Sweden AB,
Westinghouse will produce the fuel at its
fabrication facility in Västerås, Sweden.
The Vasteras facility is one of the largest
and most modern fuel plants in the world,
serving every major market in Europe
and South Africa.
Contact: Sheila Holt, telephone:
New Technology Meters
(3” x 6”)
A.C. Signal, Loop or
External Power
High Digital Accuracy
with Auto-TriColor
Isolated Serial I/O
with Alarms
Signal Failure Indication
Lifetime Warranty
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